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Thank you for checking out Gud2BRabah.com, the internet sandbox for Ross Wilkins, aka Rabah.

This site is a work in progress. Check back periodically to see how the site changes as I find time to play with it!

~ Rabah

This page will be used to document the twelve years I served in the US Navy. 

What's a Rabah?

So where did "Rabah" come from? I portrayed a 16th Century Ottoman Turk named Mu'allim Rabah az-Zafar, OP in the SCA . As I understand it, "Rabah az-Zafar" loosely translates to "Gain the Victory". "Mu'allim" is a title that denotes my inclusion into the Order of the Pelican, the society-wide Peerage that is given for high level service to the society.

Recording History

I am on 5 recordings so far:

  • Bards of the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA
    • "Fair Lady Atlantia" (Cassette, out of stock)
  • Mystic Fire Drum Troupe
    • "Mystic Fire" (CD, out of stock)
    • "Shatter" (CD)
  • Soundworks
    • "Come on Along" (CD)
    • "Li'l Red Riding Hood & More" (CD)




Ross Singing. Photo by AnnieI spend a large amount of my free time singing and learning music. I sing with Soundworks, an a cappella chorus based in Richmond, VA, a quartet called The School Board based in Virginia Beach, VA, and two Harmony Brigades.


Blue Doumbek - an arabic hand drumIn addition to singing I play an arabic drum called the Dumbek and drum for my bellydance friends when my schedule permits. I was a member of the drum troupe Mystic Fire for 7 years and had a blast playing all over Hampton Roads.

Tech Geek

Native RTL SupportI am a computer nerd and gadget geek. I have a touchscreen laptop running Windows 10, a desktop computer that dual boots Windows 10 or Ubuntu 14.4 LTS, a 7" LG Android tablet and Droid Turbo phone running Android Lollipop, I currently maintain 5 websites and dabble with Lego® Mindstorms EV3.

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