Song Title Key Arranger(s) As Sung By Learning Track Artist Song Style Song Length Starting Words Song_ID
(I`m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over E Ed Waesche Acoustix Ballad 00:03:40 My blue horizon is turning grey ... 109
(Let's Start) Tomorrow Tonight C Larry Triplett Zero Hour Drew Wheaton Uptune 00:03:05 I can feel it tonight, gonna hold you so tight; 391
(Love Is) The Tender Trap Ab Boston Common Uptune 00:03:12 Those eyes, those sighs,I'm tellin' no lies ... 38
(When It`s) Darkness On the Delta F SPEBSQSA Bluegrass Student Union Tim Waurick Uptune 00:01:14 When it`s darkness on the delta ... 265
A Fool Such As I D Aaron Dale OC Times Tim Waurick Uptune 00:02:26 Pardon me if I'm sentimental when you say … 1
A Hard Day's Night F Liz Garnett Peter Nugent Uptune 00:02:16 It's Been A Hard Days Night and I've … 300
A Little Patch of Heaven A Aaron Dale Crossroads Tim Waurick Uptune 00:03:49 Oo Dar-lin' I've been dreamin' of a land … 2
A Song Like Daddy Used To Play Gb Brian Beck Dealer's Choice Tim Waurick Medium 00:02:31 When I hear that 341
A Sunday Kind of Love G Adam Reimnitz Rounders Tim Waurick Medium 00:03:56 I want a Sunday kind o' love ... 251
A Wink and a Smile C Kim Brittain AHB Tim Waurick Medium 00:02:15 When you're blue and oh so lonely … 3
After You've Gone Bb Alan Siegal AHB Tim Waurick Uptune 00:02:22 Now won’t you listen honey while I say … 4
Ain't Misbehavin' Eb Ed Waesche Tim Brooks Medium 00:00:01 Any time I’m feeling lonely ... 5
Ain't We Got Fun Bb Robert Meyer Uptune 00:00:01 We sing away our troubles and we have a lot ... 6
All I Do is Dream of You C David Wallace Gary Lewis Medium 00:02:53 Ba dm dm dm ... De oo ee oo ee oo ... 314
All Of Me C Scott Kitzmiller Realtime Simon Rylander Uptune 00:02:08 You took my kisses and you took my love … 8
All the Pretty Little Horses Eb Mark Hale Michigan Jake Sonny Vande Putte Ballad 00:02:03 Doo doo doo ... hushabye don't you cry 328
All the Things You Are G Scott Kitzmiller Instant Classic Kohl Kitzmiller Medium 00:03:10 Time and Again I've Longed for Adventure ... 315
All The Things You Are G Walter Latzko Bluegrass Student Union Ballad 00:03:28 Time and again I've longed for adventure … 9
All the Way Eb Tom Gentry Flipside Tim Waurick Ballad 00:04:20 How do I love thee, let me count the ways. … 11
Almost Like Being in Love E David Harrington Acoustix David Harrington Medium 00:02:00 Maybe the Sun gave me the pow'r … 380

Brigades that sang this song

Year Held Brigade CD Track #
1993 NCHB 8
1993 NCHB 2
1993 NCHB 4
1993 NCHB 11
1993 NCHB 9
1993 NCHB 5
1993 NCHB 6
1993 NCHB 10
1993 NCHB 3
1993 NCHB 7
1993 NCHB 12
1993 NCHB 1
1994 NCHB 8
1994 NCHB 14
1994 NCHB 10
1994 NCHB 1
1994 NCHB 7
1994 NCHB 4
1994 NCHB 13
1994 NCHB 6