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This is the complete eXtreme Quartetting (XQ) Song List. This listing contains every song that has been sung at a brigade since the first one was held in North Carolina back in 1993. Please note that the list does not include any annotation about a song's contestability. Like the sheet music says, check with a judge on this BEFORE you try competing with any given chart.

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  • Entering "Aaron" will list all of the charts we've done that were arranged by Aaron Dale
  • Entering "OC T" will list all of the charts we've done that were sung by OC Times
  • Entering "Simon" will list all of the songs that the learning tracks were produced by Simon Rylander
  • Entering "Love" will list all of the songs that have that word in the title along with all of the songs that have that word in the opening phrase.

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Song Title Key Arranger(s) As Sung By Learning Track Artist Song Style Song Length Starting Words
You Make Me Smile E Steve Tramack Shawn Thomas Uptune 00:00:01
You Took Advantage Of Me Db Aaron Dale The Crush Tim Waurick Uptune 00:02:31 Ya caught me! Ya taught me! ...
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You Ab Greg Volk Excalibur Sean Milligan Uptune 00:02:43 Everybody’s lookin’ for some kind of …
You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful D Aaron Dale OC Times Tim Waurick Uptune 00:02:09 You come on like a dream, peaches and cream, ...
Your First Day in Heaven C Aaron Dale Crossroads Tim Waurick Spiritual 00:01:48 Ba da dat da da dat da da ba da ba da da Well …
Your Mother Should Know Medley Gm Greg Volk Excalibur Tim Brooks Uptune 00:03:25 Let's all get up and dance to a song ...
Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart Eb Renee Craig Jokers Wild Tim Waurick Uptune 00:02:59 I never could carry a tune, never knew where …

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