Awards are listed in the order bestowed.

Award Date Kingdom Group Award Name
1/30/1993 Atlantia Marinus The Coin of the Sea
9/18/1993 Atlantia   Award of Arms
1/22/1994 Atlantia Marinus Award of the Water Lily (Baronial A&S)
7/13/1996 Atlantia Marinus Award of the Oaken Oar (Baronial Service)
1/11/1997 Atlantia   Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Kingdom Service)
3/21/1998 Atlantia   Companion of the Pearl (Kingdom A&S)
3/20/1999 Atlantia   Master of the Pelican (Society Service)
5/29/1999 Atlantia   Supporters (Two sea lions)
1/15/2000 Atlantia Marinus Order of the Stewards of St. Marinus (Hall Steward)
1/15/2000 Atlantia Marinus The Coin of the Sea

The main shield shows a a Jew's Harp and a double set of dice marked on one side which were used for a gambling game called "blind dice". The Sea Lions are known as Supporters, and the mantling and helm denote my rank as a peer of the realm. The Pelican in Her Piety on top of the help denote that I am a member of the Society's Order of the Pelican - the Society's highest award for Service that is recognized nation-wide. The motto underneath the device roughly translates to "Autograph Your Work With Excellence".