Music & Lyrics By: Mu’allim Rabah az-Zafar, OP
© 1995 – Ross E. Wilkins

Rev 1 – © 07/13/96 (Myles & Olwen's Verse) 
Rev 2 – © 08/28/97 (Arnbiørn & Rosine's Verse)
Rev 3 – © 11/22/03 (Otto & Margret’s Verse)
Rev 4 – © 01/23/09 (William and Sara Beth’s Verse)
Rev 5 - © 09/04/14 (Aldrydd and Isabel's "Holding" Verse)


I’ll sing to you of Marinus, the barony by the sea.
I’ll sing about her people and tell you her history;
About her meek beginnings and where she’s come to be.
Yes, I’ll sing to you of Marinus, the barony by the sea.

We started out in Tir-y-don, the southern half you see
Our presence here was small for we only numbered three
As a canton we were shireless back in A. S. Number Nine
With our northern friends we didn’t mind, we had a grand old time.

Then Isenfir & Tir-y-Don, along with Caer Mear’s halls
Three Cantons strong they formed a wall, the shire of old Stonewall.
As part of the East Realm back in A. S. number Ten
We still were small but not for long, I’ll tell you what happened then:

Those of us in southern climes disliked those northern tolls,
Eleven was the year when we set ourself some goals:
We formed Pindar, a canton, the name was soon turned down
So we chose the name of Marinus, so fitting for our town.

Crown Principality bestowed, Atlantia was born.
We joined together with our friends from Tir-y-Don up north,
To form a brand new shire, Dinas Moryn was it’s name
and the Dinas Moryn Shield Wall was many a fighter’s bane.

Atlantia gained her freedom, a kingdom’s crown she wore
Tir-y-Don’s a barony, Dinas Moryn is no more.
In A. S. Sixteen we did rise, a City-State to stand
And just two years later we became a province of the land.

A barony we finally rose in A. S. Twenty-Two
Our Baroness was Catherine, her hair a golden hue.
Donal was the Baron, a singer of renown
And for four short years (or were they long?) they served us and the Crown.

Alesia and Richard were next to wear Baronial Hue
A surplus of frogs it seems had made the Baron blue
They put up with all we gave with grace and courtesy
For they knew that it’s not easy to wear the blue and green.

Now let me introduce to you the next to wear the Gold 
Our Baron was a Scotsman, yes Myles of Falkonhold 
Olwen de Montgomery was Baroness by his side 
And Tartans were the latest thing to show Baronial Pride. 

Arnbiørn and Rosine were next to serve the Crown 
We know the job is strenuous but please don't wear a frown 
To make your reign go smoothly, I'd like to lend my hand 
By adding Scotty Dogs to Frogs as things that should be banned.

It's A.S. thirty-eight, an Orkney lass is now in power.
With a Landsknecht beside her, above her he does tower.
Margret and Otto are the ones I'm singing of,
And when they're holding hands it's plain to see that they're in love!

In Forty Two there came a knight, Sir William’s on the scene,
With Sara Beth, his lovely bride, they wear the blue and green,
Even when he’s working hard, William’s full of cheer,
“Where’s Sara Beth? It’s time for court, come out of the kitchen, dear!”

Investiture has come again, I should compose some more,
Aldrydd and Isabel are waiting for their score,
I know this verse is lame now and I’d like to make it better
So gather tales to tell to me or send them in a letter!

Now I’ve sung to you of Marinus, the barony by the sea.
I sang about her people and told you her history;
About her meek beginnings and where she’s come to be.
Yes, I’m proud to be from Marinus, the barony by the sea.

Yes, I’m proud to be from Marinus, my barony by the sea


Barony by the Sea was originally written to fulfill my obligation as the Titled Bard of Marinus to write a song, story or poem about the barony.   

The historical information contained in this song was gleaned from old issues of the Pikestaff, Atlantian Archivist’s records, an article found in the October AS XXIII issue of the Moot Points (Marinus’ newsletter) written by Baron Donal mac Ruiseart about Marinus’ history, and conversations with Breandan Ceallach O’Donnabhain, THL Giles O’Culzean, Baron Richard D’Andrade, and Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don who were here for most of it . . .

The verse about Myles and Olwen was only performed for Myles once, for he left this life the following day. I dedicate this song to his memory … to my friend.