Lyrics By: Rhybaus the Incorrigible (aka Mu'alllim Rabah az-Zafar)
© 1992 - Ross E. Wilkins

Recording from: Fair Lady Atlantia. Barbara Bishop, © 1994. Harmonies provided by Niall MacFarlane and Bryce de Byrum.

(written for the Eistedffod held at Marinus' Baronial Birthday V. The original words are included followed by performance notes to bring the song up to date.)


A’s for Alesia, deceptively mild,
(Chorus 1) Hey, Ho says Ollie
And B is for Bedford who's lady's with child. (Updated to “And B is for Bedford who's had their first child”)
(Chorus 2) Now we'll sing a song of honor and glory, Now sing says Duke Sir Ollie.

C is for Caer Maer where good friends are found,
And D is for Diamond, black as the ground.

E is for Eistedffod, test of the Bards,
And F is for fighters practicing hard.

G is for Gideon whom ladies adore,
And H is for Heralds that cry out once more.

I is for Isenfir so far away,
And J's for the journey that takes you all day.

K is for Knights who fight with great style,
And L’s for the ladies that make me smile.

M is for Marinus down by the sea,
And N is for Newcomers listening to me.

O is for Olaf, who four times was king,
And P is for Prince which he may be again.

Q is for Queen, whose patience we test,
And R is for Richard of bold Marinus.

S is for Storvik whose fame it is known,
And T is for Trefonnen of Sacred Stone.

U is for Atlantia's University,
And V's for the victory of Steffan, our king. (When performed, use the name of the current monarch. Cuan was reigning when this was recorded.)

W is for Wolfbrand, the viscount of yore,
And X is the letter I've got nothing for.

Y is for Yarnvid, a college you see,
And Z is a letter too strange for me. (This verse has morphed to: “and Z is ze end of zis song zat I sing”)