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These are the songs that have been chosen as AHB's "Classics" - songs from previous AHB rallies that members are encouraged to retain in addition to the current year's lineup. The year column shows the most recent year the particular song was sung at an AHB rally.

For more information about these arrangements go to the Complete List of Songs

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# SongID Song Title Key Starting Words Year Sung
1 1 (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I D Pardon me if I'm sentimental when you say … 2012
2 2 A Little Patch of Heaven A Oo Dar-lin' I've been dreamin' of a land … 2013
3 24 Blue Skies Gb Blue skies, blue skies are comin’ my way … 2013
4 25 Blue Velvet C She wore blue velvet, woh woh who … 2012
5 127 It Happened In Monterrey G Sweet romance, I gave it a chance, down south … 2012
6 157 Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) Ab Do do, do do do do do do … Goodnight … 2007
7 161 Mam'selle G A small café, Mam’selle, a rendezvous … 2013
8 182 One For My Baby G It’s quarter to three, there's no one in the … 2007
9 211 Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) A Well dm pu pu dm (da va da dat) … Well I went … 2009
10 237 The Cop on the Beat, The Man in the Moon, and Me Eb Ev’ning shadows fall, when the day is flown … 2008
11 262 When I Fall In Love Eb Maybe I'm old fashioned, feeling as I do … 2013
12 263 When I Lift Up My Head F Well, when I’m down, when I'm down and out … 2007