A Chronological History of eXtreme Quartetting

This is the chronological history of the Association of eXtreme Quartetting™ Harmony Brigades and shows which songs were sung at each Brigade Rally. The list is sorted in ascending order by year, then by the month an individual brigade is held, then by the CD track # (or alphabetically if there are no CD track #'s). The default view is all years, all brigades. Pressing the Reset button will return to the default view.

You can select multiple years and/or multiple brigades by holding down the CTRL button as you make your selections. Be warned that it is possible to select a year/brigade combination that will return no data because that particular brigade was not held that year.  

The data for the current year will be added once every brigade has published their song selection for that year. This should happen sometime around the end of July/early August each year. Sorry guys, no spoilers here!

Click on a song's title to see details about the song such as who arranged it, who recorded the learning tracks, which brigades sang the song, etc. Please note that clicking on a song's title will open a new tab in your browser to display this information.

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Year Held Brigade Song Title Key CD Track # Starting Words
2018 IHB Their Hearts Were Full of Spring A 8 Doo doo dooo ... There's a story told ...
2018 IHB One More Last Chance Db 9 Ba na no na … She was standin' at the …
2018 IHB I'm Feelin' Fine F 10 Well, I woke up this morning …

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