When was the last time a particular song was included at a brigade?

This version of the eXtreme Quartetting (XQ) Song List is designed for those folks who want to know when the last time a particular song was included at any brigade.

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  • Entering "Simon" will list all of the songs that the learning tracks were produced by Simon Rylander
  • Entering "Love" will list all of the songs that have that word in the title.

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Results 101 - 120 of 370
Song Title Key Arranger(s) As Sung By Learning Track Artist Last Sung
Good Night Eb Rudy Partin 1995
Good Old Acappella Eb David Wright Tim Waurick 2019
Goodbye Old Dixie, Goodbye A P.G. Kelleher Dealer's Choice Tim Waurick 2007
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road F Joe Johnson Tim Waurick 2018
Goodbye, World, Goodbye E David Wright Gas House Gang Tim Waurick 2017
Great Day F David Harrington Gas House Gang Tim Waurick 2008
Grow Old With You Ab Aaron Dale OC Times Tim Waurick 2019
Guilty C Scott Kitzmiller Instant Classic Instant Classic 2019
Hallelujah C Jay Giallombardo Jay Giallombardo 2017
Happy Fm Adam Scott Antoine Kaiserman 2018
Hard-Hearted Hannah Eb Gene Cokeroft Suntones 2000
Have a Little Talk With Myself F Gary Parker Dealer's Choice Tim Waurick 2017
Heart Of A Clown C Lloyd Steinkamp Western Continentals Tim Brooks 2011
Hello My Baby F David Harrington Second Edition Ryan Griffith 2013
Hello, Mary Lou Bb David Wright DJ Hiner 2003
Hey, Good Lookin' C David Wright Michigan Jake Tim Waurick 2015
How High The Moon Bb Mark Hale Nightlife Tim Waurick 2020
How's Every Little Thing in Dixie D Al Rehkop Gentlemen's Agreement 1998
I Can Dream, Can't I? Eb Ed Waesche Bluegrass Student Union Tim Brooks 2006
I Can't Give You Anything But Love Ab Clay Hine PLATINUM Jordan Litz 2009

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