When was the last time a particular song was included at a brigade?

This version of the eXtreme Quartetting (XQ) Song List is designed for those folks who want to know when the last time a particular song was included at any brigade.

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  • Entering "Love" will list all of the songs that have that word in the title.

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Results 141 - 160 of 370
Song Title Key Arranger(s) As Sung By Learning Track Artist Last Sung
I'm Alone Because I Love You G Lou Perry Boston Common Sean Milligan 2017
I'm Beginning To See The Light G Marshall Webb PLATINUM Sean Milligan 2007
I'm Beginning to See the Light/Bye Bye Blues A Clay Hine 2000
I'm Feelin' Fine F Joe Liles Tim Waurick 2018
I'm Going Back to Carolina C Gene Cokeroft Suntones Tim Brooks 2007
I'm Gonna Live Till I Die Fm Greg Volk Keepsake Simon Rylander 2011
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter Bb Jim Kahlke Tim Waurick 2016
I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover Bb Ed Waesche Acoustix Tim Waurick 2016
I'm My Own Grandpa Gb Brian Beck Dealer's Choice Sean Milligan 2004
I'm Sittin' On Top of the World F Boston Consort Boston Consort DJ Hiner 2005
I'm Walkin' A Aaron Dale OC Times Tim Waurick 2020
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad Bb Roger Payne Power Play Sean Milligan 2005
I've Got the World on a String F Adam Reimnitz Three Men and a Melody Tim Waurick 2017
If F Larry Triplett Tim Waurick 2016
If I Love Again Ab Katie Farrell Louisville Times Sean Milligan 2015
If I Only Had A Brain F Clay Hine Four Voices Tim Brooks 2008
If The Lord Be Willin' B Mark Smith LSHB Steve DeCrow 2013
If There'd Never Been An Ireland Eb Lou Perry 1995
If There's Anybody Here From My Home Town Bb Ardeth Fullmer DJ Hiner 2003
If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts E Carl Dahlke Auto Towners / Vagabonds Instant Classic 2012

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